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Sturdy set-up boxes are fantastic for packaging; they are classy, resilient, and accessible. At Drew & Rogers, we give you extra-high quality sturdy set-up boxes, which we customize in great detail to ensure you get precisely what you want. Also, we help you with the design so that it doesn’t just look good but achieves the intended purpose. One unique feature of our services is that we make you an excellent prototype as the last step in design. The prototype shows you precisely what you are getting so you can decide on any last-minute changes before the final rollout.

Would you like to know more about sturdy set-up boxes? We can help you.

What are Sturdy Set-Up Boxes?

Sturdy set-up boxes are made of thick cardboard boxes. The boxes are three or four times thicker than the folding packaging carton. As such, they are more expensive than most other custom-printed boxes. Due to their well-formed appearance, these cardboard boxes are elegant and will mainly be used to package fashion and other beauty products. The inner part of these boxes usually has paper liners and sometimes fabric liners, which complete the elegant finish. Sometimes, we can put little cushions to complete the product’s elegant feel. Sturdy set-up boxes, also known as rigid set up boxes, usually come in two parts: the lower part, where you keep the product, and the top part, which is a lid. The main box is usually plain colored, while the lid carries information on the brand and the product. Our designers get to try out their innovative cardboard box designs and graphics on the upper part.

Use Sturdy Set-Up Boxes

Sturdy set-up boxes have numerous uses, including confectionary packaging such as chocolate, fudge, etc. They are also where you can package season’s stationary, such as greeting cards. Toys and other gifts go well with this packaging; you can’t go wrong using it for them. Furthermore, a sturdy set-up box is terrific for awards and promotions.

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