Set-Up Box Innovations and Designs

We incorporate better materials to make a better presentation, some of our improvements and innovations are below:

  • HEAVIER WRAP – Our heavier wraps can offer greater embossing detail to emphasize your design.  We can also use this type of wrap to virtually eliminate the “orange peel” effect on smooth wrap designs.  
  • FULL TURN-IN – The ultimate finish for every keepsake box, a full-turn design from D&R extends the outside wrap to the inside of the base/lid, covering the side panels entirely.  
  • WINDOWED RIGID LID – Adding a window to a rigid set box lid provides the perfect display for your product while allowing the package to keep a robust, quality feel in the hands of the consumer.  
  • REGISTERED LINER – With printing and lining capabilities, we can provide registered liners for our rigid set-up boxes, allowing you to customize the inside of the box. 


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