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Rigid Set-up Boxes in NJ

These rigid set-up boxes in NJ, are used to package luxury products. They are characterized by their thickness, which is significantly greater than the standard folding cartons. Our rigid set-up boxes in NJ usually have a paper or cloth finish. On this finish, we print the branding information necessary for your product. Most people we serve use these rigid set-up boxes to package luxury products such as jewelry, electronics, branded accessories, and other expensive products. When combined with fabricated foam, these boxes offer excellent safety for delicate products in transit. The safety factor is over and above the classiness you get from the packaging.

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Our various rigid set-up box constructions help our customers sell their products, we offer many construction options including:

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Our Line of Rigid Set-up Boxes in NJ

We offer some of the best quality rigid set-top boxes in NJ in terms of display and structural integrity. They are made of high-quality materials to provide an unmatched boxing experience. If you’re looking for tailored luxury packaging boxes like rigid set-up boxes or rigid packaging for promotional items, we can help you at Drew & Rogers Packaging. Our products come in various construction options from which you can pick the most suitable for your point-of-purchase sale in NJ. These construction styles include auto bottom boxes, pillow boxes, straight tuck, snap lock bottoms, and simplex trays. You can pick the one that best meets our needs. Our team is always ready to explain the attributes of each of our packaging services in NJ and helps you decide what is best for your needs. Besides these boxes, we make fabricated foam in NJ to keep products in packages secure.

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If you are looking for packaging services, you can choose rigid set-up boxes in NJ. They are especially useful if you want to package custom products. The best rigid setup boxes in NJ are found in Drew & Rogers Packaging. Contact us for more details.

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