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When well-planned, promotional displays are a fantastic way to capture customers’ attention and drive sales. At Drew & Rogers, we intentionally design and produce promotional displays that resonate with your customers. Our design and production services are custom-made for every business. Thus, we start the journey by thoroughly understanding your business and customers. Also, we make incredible prototypes that show you precisely what the design will produce. You can use these prototypes to sample the final product’s effect on customer choices. All the displays we make are from high-end materials, which give your customers the impression that your business is high-end.

Do you want premium promotional displays of different types? We can help you.

Where to Use Promotional Displays

You can keep these promotional displays for maximum impact in the following locations.

  • Freestanding displays: They are stand-alone displays positioned strategically in the shop from a point where you can see them at 360o. The stands are ideal for products that have larger packaging. They should be high-quality displays for durability and to catch customer interest.
  • Entryways displays: These displays aim to catch the buyers’ attention when they still have money before purchasing anything. You will see them before any cardboard POP and POS displays inside the store. As such, these displays must be of such quality that they encourage the customer to buy while they are still flush with cash before they see anything else.
  • Gondola displays: These promotional displays have adjustable shelves; thus, they can accommodate goods of different sizes. The ability to accommodate items of different sizes means you can keep one product but with different package sizes on these displays. This differs from point-of-sale displays that usually accommodate products of more or less the same size.

Check Out Promotional Displays

You can get all types of promotional displays from us. We have been in the industry for decades, and within that time, we have built our capacity to handle every project from scratch. Our team helps design these promotional materials all the way to production. Checking out some of our promotional material will give you a feel of what we can do and also give you ideas for your project. 

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