Poly Presentation Products

Presentation is not limited to any one product, it is a function of a designer’s imagination. Typical items used as presentation packaging products would include the following:

  • Gift Card Holders – a marketing piece that allows you to brand generic gift cards or to present extra information on these products
  • Hotel Key Cards – pocket size envelopes to hold your hotel room keys.
  • Document Holders – diplomas are one of the largest markets for document holders.
  • Door Hangers, Slide Charts & Wheels – a declining market but one that still has some value to marketers.
  • Presentation Folders – an old stand-by for marketing and sales folks, never goes out of style
  • Binders & Totes – Paperboard, Turned Edge, Leather and even Vinyl Binders & Totes are available for the classic marketer. We even offer accessories. Totes and boxes can be fitted with pockets, fold-over flaps, tuck-in or Velcro closures, platforms, and even sound or RFID chips.
  • Expansion Envelopes – Paperboard envelopes used by companies like FEDEX and United Parcel.
  • Printed Paper Tube – Ideal packaging for posters and other specialty marketing collateral.

Poly packaging most often are products like binders, boxes and totes. They are durable products that offer a distinct presentation. Poly packages are made of polyethylene and polypropylene. These binders can be screen or offset printed (offset is only in certain gauges).

Poly binders are very versatile. They can be used as a basic organization tool. Since they are so durable and economical, they are often used for field uses such as parts and service manuals. They also can be used for impressive presentations, with a combination of color, texture, and graphics; they can have great customer appeal.

Screen-printing, offset printing foil stamping, special printing effects.

Pockets, business card holders, media trays, pocket pages.

Combine poly binders with poly boxes for specialty kits for Training, Product Introductions, Dealer Kits, Administrative Kits, and Employee Benefits; just to name a few.

Poly Packaging is any custom or stock media kits, boxes or other packaging made of polyethylene or polypropylene. These materials are extremely durable with a wide variety of applications. Die Cuts are used to prepare a sheet for assembly and a wide variety of full color designs, logos and graphics can be applied economically and with visually impressive results.

Some of the advantages to Poly Packaging include excellent durability, resistance to water and chemicals and exceptionally long lives. Poly materials are available in many different colors, textures and thicknesses. 

Packaging for outdoor use is available. Be certain to specify that when ordering.


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