Folding Cartons

Having Drew & Rogers as your partner will give you the best custom packaging solutions for all of your packaging needs.  Whether it be plastics, paperboard, or a combination of both, we can create the best fit for your project.  

Manufacturing & Design

We offer our clients a range of manufacturing and design options to meet their folding carton packaging needs.  We offer high-end paperboard, plastic, and windowed folding cartons, specialty windowing, and prototyping services to bring your packages to life.  

Some of our printing and packaging capabilities are below:

Printing & Finishing

  • Custom mixed inks
  • 8-color and 9-color printing
  • Cold foil
  • Metallic inks
  • Specialty coatings and coating combinations
  • Soft touch, pearlescent, glitter, etc…
  • G7-certified
  • Silkscreen printing is available to add a tactile feel and opaque ink laydown
  • Embossing and hot stamping
  • Printing and finishing of wraps for rigid set boxes

Enhancing Folding Carton Shelf Appeal

  • CUSTOM PAPER BOARD INSERTS –  An inexpensive solution to product presentation 
  • PET-DIE-CUT INSERTS – a presentation alternative with durability
  • VACUUM FORM TRAYS – the best way to present a product that needs the ultimate in packaging protection.
  • GLITTER – Glitter coatings can be applied during the printing process or via silk screening, depending on the desired aesthetic.  Whether you are looking for overall coverage or just accents of a design, glitter can be an eye-catching effect that can be applied to various substrates.
  • COLD FOIL – A versatile option for a variety of graphics and substrates, cold foil is over-printable and recyclable. 
  • PANORAMIC WINDOWED CARTON –  these packages combine paperboard with a 360-degree panoramic window into one carton to provide visibility for the product inside. 

Folding Styles Available


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