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We offer our services by making fabricated foam in NJ to meet customer specifications. Fabricated foam plays both aesthetic and functional roles. It ensures your packages are safe in transit, and when well done, they provide an excellent display. At Drew & Rogers Packaging, we help you design both the package and foam combination to ensure your products ship safely – and look good along the way.

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Fabricated foam

How to Find Fabricated Foam in NJ

Fabricated foam in NJ is available at Drew & Rogers Packaging. We have been offering packaging services in NJ for 80 years, and we have perfected the art. Pick the foam you want based on the material from which it is manufactured. Fabrication materials include polyurethane, polyethylene, polystyrene, antistatic polyurethane, and conductive and reticulated foams. A technically informed buyer might choose their fabricated foam by its fabrication process. Available options include saw cut, die cut, heat laminate, hot wire, and glue-fabricated foams. It would be best if you enhanced the safety of your packaging with foam, even after buying rigid set-up boxes in NJ. Also, you can customize the foams even for display in your point-of-purchase sale in NJ or any other promotion.

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You can tell we are good at making fabricated foam in NJ by looking at the industries we serve. We have perfected our understanding of customer needs in diverse market segments. Contact us today for a quote for your fabricated foam in NJ.

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