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Getting eye-catching floor stands for your store is a crucial plank for your success in marketing. At Drew & Rogers, we can make the most outstanding floor stands for your business. We customize the promotional materials to make them especially suited for your business. Its location, target customers, and every other relevant factor in targeting and marketing. Through customization, we help you produce the most eye-catching floor stands. Our prototyping is off the charts, and we make incredible prototypes that give you a clear picture of the end product. We produce eye-catching floor stands because we always use high-end materials.

Are you wondering how to get eye-catching floor stands? We can help you.

Where to Put Eye-Catching Floor Stands

Eye-catching floor stands must be in customers’ line of sight to be effective. Where you put the stand depends on its type. For example, you should keep your point-of-sale floor stand near the cashier. These are eye-catching floor stands that display convenience goods. These are the things that rarely find their way in the shopping list. People buy them because they see them. Point of purchase display in marketing is another way of positioning stands. The eye-catching floor stand in this position would display specific goods being branded. Stand-alone and gondola displays. These eye-catching floor stands are best placed strategically where everyone can see them at a 360o angle. Stand-alone displays are for products whose packages are on the larger side. On the other hand, Gondola stands have adjustable shelves, enabling them to display different brand sizes simultaneously. All of your stands need high-quality displays to be attractive to everyone.

Find Eye-Catching Floor Stands

You must intentionally get eye-catching floor stands for your store or products. These floor displays require careful attention to detail from design to production. This is why we work hard to give you a customized product. Our prototyping is world-class, and we make all our display stands from the best quality materials.

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