Custom Stand-Up Pouches

Standup pouches from D & R have a convenient bottom gusset design that allows them to stand up on their own when full – except when they are flying off your shelves – especially since they are one of the fastest growing product lines in food packaging.

Standup pouches are ideal containers for a variety of solid, liquid and powered foods. Not to mention perfect for many non-food items as well. Food grade laminates help keep your products fresher longer. Standup pouches are ideal for marketing your brand because of the large billboard type layout. A great advantage of standup pouches is the savings in freight, since standup pouches are light weight and compact. They also save you storage space. Worried about your carbon footprint? These environmentally friendly pouches use up to 75% less material than the traditional bag-in-a-box, cartons or cans and can be made from compostable films.

D & R offers you a wide range of standup pouches for packaging. Stock or custom we can find you a solution. Our printed pouches can be printed with both glossy and matte finishes on a choice of materials. We offer digital printing for short-run needs, allowing a buyer to avoid plate charges and setup between SKU’s. Digital printing is perfect for testing products before the roll out. We also offer flexographic and gravure printing for the medium and long run orders. The one side clear and one side solid option allows your product to be seen on the shelf but allows for ample marketing graphics.  Oval or strip windows let your customers see the product inside too. Various closures can be incorporated into a standup pouch like re-closable zippers, degassing valves, tear notches and hang holes.

Below are typical design styles D&R can help you with when designing your standup pouches.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to Drew & Rogers’ experts when deciding the construction of your standup pouch. We can help. We even have a service to make some prototypes before you bring your product to market.