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Custom printed boxes can either be made of cardstock boxes or corrugated. At Drew & Rogers, we get you excellent quality custom-printed boxes. We have honed our ability to customize the printed boxes we make over the many years we have been in business. Also, we go all out when making prototypes of the design as we have conceptualized your thoughts. Notably, we make all our custom-printed boxes from the best possible material. We are intentional about ensuring the material is both durable and presentable.

Are you looking for custom-printed boxes? We can help you.

How to Design Custom Printed Boxes

Like with custom folding cartons, designing custom printed boxes starts when you decide on the concept you want. Purpose helps you determine the type of box you will use. The purpose usually has to do with the shipping method and the marketing goals you have for the box. This choice can make your product stand out among many other products, so you should consider it carefully. In the next step, you should pick a size. The size of your box will be determined by the size of the object you want to package. Ensure the box size is as close to the product size as possible because you will appear careless and disorganized if custom printed boxes are too big. Factor in any protective material for additional space and size accordingly. The next step is distinguishing between innovative cardboard box designs and the rest. It is where you print the box with information, company logo, and other information. The font, colors, and ink type you use are significant determinants of the quality of the product.

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You can request high-quality custom-printed boxes from us. We do our best to build your customers’ confidence and attract others through these boxes and our sturdy set-up boxes. Our company has been in the custom packaging products business for almost eight decades. We have developed systems to ensure you get the best possible experience to ensure our partnership gives you the best possible experience.

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