Augmented Reality


Simply put augmented reality (WebAR), combines digital content
(videos, animations, 3D models, URL links, 360 videos, etc.) with
physical printed items like brochures, catalogs, labels & packaging.  Using your phone or tablet, the digital content is layered over the physical piece and then comes to life in your real-world environment.


WebAR allows people to access scenes by clicking on links or
scanning QR codes. The best part – there is no app – just your
phone or tablet camera! Simply aim your camera on a link and
watch the scene unfold.


Training: AR training videos enable the trainee to see the process
they are trying to learn as if they were on location. Think about
seeing a live medical procedure as if you were in the operating
room or watch your coach demonstrate some new techniques on
the field like you were there in person.

Retail: “Try before you buy” scenarios are common – think about
buying a couch or an appliance, you can view the couch in your
living room and change the color of the couch to see the fit and
the look before you buy.

Recruitment: Recruiting is a great area for WebAR applications.
Universities use AR scenes, sent via email, text or mail, to have
applicants and recruits meet the president of their school or the
head coach of their sports program. A prospect can listen to a sales
pitch in the comfort of your living room. Imagine walking out onto
the field turning around and seeing a 360 degree view of the
stadium and meeting all the players.

Non-Profit: instead of sending a link to donors, non-profits are
encouraging donors to drop portals into their home or office and
walk through them into the location where non-profits are
working. Imagine walking into an impoverished rural village and
seeing where your donations are helping to provide fresh water,
food, housing, new farming techniques or any additional services.


Because AR allows users to experience and visualize a product or an event without ever getting out of their home or office.


We have all the resources for developing your company’s AR experience. We make these experiences cost effective and easy to implement.

In the meantime, you can try some of these AR Experiences by simply opening your phone/tablet camera and
aim it at one of the QR Codes below. You can also check our YouTube channel showcasing some real cool examples
of AR in print, packaging and labels

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