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Printed Boxes & Totes


We create printed boxes that give your target market a sense of anticipation about what's inside. We provide custom printed packaging for marketing, shipping, products and more. Printed Boxes and Printed Totes can be modified in many ways to become media packaging, high response direct mail, sales presentations, or informational kits (such as employee benefits or real estate closings). At Drew & Rogers we combine the basic box with pockets, die cuts, platforms, tabs, and outstanding graphics to give you a fantastic marketing and message tool.

Our printed packaging does more than just hold things. Create compartments and they become organizers. Create attention-getting graphics and they become a marketing tool. Your target audience will admire the design and ingenuity that goes into creating even the simplest of printed packaging. They can be created in a variety of materials such as paperboard, poly, corrugate, vinyl, and elegant book cloths.

Offset printing on paperboard, screen printing on poly or corrugates, custom die cuts, embossing, debossing, foil stamping, lamination.

Printed Totes and Boxes can be fitted with pockets, fold-over flaps, tuck-in or Velcro closure, platforms, sound chips.